• Book—Barris Kustom Vol. 4

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    Barris Kustom Techniques of the 50's. First edition, Volume 4. The last in the series of four books that delve deeply into George Barris' personal photographic archives to visually explore how customs were built in their glorious, immediate post-war and early 1950's golden age.

    Volume 4 explores: Flames, Scallops, Paneling and Striping.

    Written by George Barris and Tony Thacker. Designed by Kailay Yu. Published by Thaxton Press in 1997. This 128-page perfect bound paperback book has 32 full color pages and includes a Von Dutch how-to. Only 1 copy is available.

    Signed by Tony Thacker

    Only 1 copy is available and it's considered New Old Stock—old stock but never used.

  • Book—Barris Kustom Vol. 4
  • Book—Barris Kustom Vol. 4

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