• Hello Mr. BIG!

    After the amazing Goodwood Revival we headed cross country to the Stromberg HQ in darkest Suffolk. Here, Clive Prew and his team are working away on a host of new products and projects. We can't tell you about all of the products because that would be giving the game away prematurely; however, we did get to review the new BIG 97.

    The BIG 97 is much like the lil' 97 except that it is a totally new carburetor, available as separate Primary and Secondary models or a Tri-Power with special package deals on Small Block Chevy linkage and fuel line. OE, Chrome, Black & Chrome, and Barn Find finishes are all available, with optional cable choke and/or LZ-style push throttle.

    BIG97s have a 1.175in venturi with super-efficient 20 degree entry angles. The result? 250cfm per carburetor - some 55% more than the regular 97s. So a tri-carb set-up on a small-block Chevy could produce 450 hp.

    Behind the lab, the talented crew are working on a number of projects including a flat-powered Model A Tudor, another flat-powered Model A Phaeton and a '27 T race-about that will be powered by a Navarro-equipped, H&H Flatheads-built V8. can't wait to see that one at Pendine.

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